Road Tanker & Under Ground Tank Calibration

Our Services


· Road Tanker Calibrations with a supply of dip sticks and dipping table,

· Supply of dip sticks, 

· Calibration of dispensers,

· Repair of dispensers,

· Supply of dispensers,

· Installation and removal of dispensers,

· Rebuild of dispensers,

· Pipework,

· Painting of above ground tanks,

· Calibration of above and underground tanks together with a supply of dipping tables and   dip sticks,

· Supply of tanks,

· Supply of dispenser spare parts. 

The big news


Introducing our new tank calibration system. The first in Africa! The all automated system calibrates road takers and underground tanks and automatically prints the dipping table once its done with the calibration, so there is no manual dipping of the tank and no waiting time for the tables once the calibration in completed. Less downtime on site as it takes less then 2 hours to calibrate a tank of 30000 liters with an incredible accuracy of 0.03% thanks to the magnetic probe which is dropped into the tank to read the data intervals.

Less spillage on site as from start to finish there is only a one time  connection to be made.