Tank Cleaning Filtration System

Our Services


· Road Tanker Calibrations with a supply of dip sticks and dipping table,

· Supply of dip sticks, 

· Calibration of dispensers,

· Repair of dispensers,

· Supply of dispensers,

· Installation and removal of dispensers,

· Rebuild of dispensers,

· Pipework,

· Painting of above ground tanks,

· Calibration of above and underground tanks together with a supply of dipping tables and   dip sticks,

· Supply of tanks,

· Supply of dispenser spare parts. 

Soon To Come


Soon our newly built tank cleaning system will be ready to perform at its best. This system will be cleaning above and underground tanks removing all rust and debris particles that is trapped inside the tank and the last process will be to remove all water particles in the product using our specialized water trapping filter system leaving your tank super clean and safe to use without the worries of vehicles being damaged due to water in the fuel.